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Aqua Pack 2: Mipro Aerobic Wireless PA Bluetooth

Aqua Aerobic 190 watt portable PA system with wireless belt pack with Aeromic headworn E-mic
$ 2775.00

Advanced Details

Portable Aqua Pack 2 Aerobic sound system with Bluetooth Sweat resistant Fitness Instructors headworn E-Mic the system works on rechargable battery.

This superior E-mic headworn microphone designed specifically for fitness instruction looks great with it's unique miniature mic capsule with boom arm. The excellent sound quality makes good voice projection easier with greater clarity and understanding than lesser headmics.

Mipro MA-708 sold Australia Wide by Morrisons Public Address

Mipro MA708 is a 190 watt Battery-operated system with multiple options to choose from. The basic Mipro PA System MA708-PA is a rugged one-piece 190 watt speaker cabinet with 2-Way full-range loudspeaker, retractable handle, sturdy wheels, built in rechargeable batteries and also Bluetooth.

Used either indoors or outdoorsor for practically any event imaginable

The Mipro MA-708 can be used either indoors or outdoors at any demanding venue, making it a truly portable system. The MIPRO MA-708 is perfect for schools, institutions, rallies, sporting events, trade shows, weddings, places of worship, business presentations - practically any event imaginable.


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