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Proloop DCC Hearing Induction Loop Amp

This was designed for rooms up to 800 m� in size, the PROLOOP DCC induction loop amplifier is an ideal solution for event venues and larger assembly halls.
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Advanced Details

Short-circuit-proof PLS amplifiers with programmable, balanced XLR inputs and extremely stable as well as large output ratings (up to 25 A RMS) guarantee the high availability of the induction loop system. Automatic Gain Control (AGC) creates consistent field strength to produce stable tone with outstanding speech reproduction - even under difficult acoustic conditions. The integrated monitor output and the corresponding measurement technology make it possible to test the quality of the induction loop system easily and conveniently.

Higher output power:25 A RMS
Automatic fuse reset
Three programmable, balanced XLR inputs
Sensitivity, phantom voltage, balanced/ unbalanced and priority can be separated adjusted for each input High availability, operating reliability and quality assurance
Convenient monitoring of the magnetic field: Can be done using headphones or speakers Treble control to compensate for treble losses due to reinforcement LED display for mains connection, input level and induction loop current

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