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Proloop C Induction Hearing Loop Amp

The PROLOOP C amplifier is designed for professional use in medium-sized rooms (up to 170 m2) in private buildings and public facilities, in which particularly high dependability and extremely reliable operation are required
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Advanced Details

With its 100-percent short-circuit proof amplifier, programmable, balanced XLR input jacks and highly stable output power, the PROLOOP C is able to meet these demands. Automatic Gain Control (AGC) guarantees consistent field strength and reproduces stable sound with a special emphasis on clear speech, even under acoustically demanding conditions. The integrated monitor output and corresponding testing technology can be used to analyse the induction loop audio quality.


Higher output power: 11 A RMS / Short-circuit-proof
Automatic fuse reset / Two programmable, balanced XLR inputs
One phono input / Two line outputs
Extra-sturdy jacks / Dual action AGC for excellent speech recognition
High availability, operating reliability and quality assurance
Convenient monitoring of the magnetic field: Can be done using headphones or speakers Treble control to compensate for treble losses due to reinforcement



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