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Mipro MU55HNS Head-microphone Mipro MU55HNS Head-microphone
Item Code: MU55HNS

The Mipro MU55HNS Omni-directional pick-up pattern headworn mic with a patented, swiveling ear...

WS5225F01AS Kit WS5225F01AS Kit
Item Code: WS5225

TOA 16 Channel Hand Held Kit with Electret Condenser Microphone F01 Band (636-666MHz) 1 x...

WT5805HTD Kit WT5805HTD Kit
Item Code: WT5805HTD

TOA 64 Channel Hand Held Kit with Dynamic Microphone 1 x WT5805F01AS and 1x WM5265F01AS...

WT5805PTH Kit WT5805PTH Kit
Item Code: WT5805PTH

TOA WT5805PTH Kit 64 Channel Belt Pack Kit with Head Set Microphone 1 x WT5805F01AS and 1x...

TOA Desktop Paging Microphone TOA Desktop Paging Microphone
Item Code: PM660D

Desktop type dynamic microphone with cardioid polar pattern. Short-off press to talk switch...

ACT24HC Handheld  ACT24HC Handheld
Item Code: ACT24HC

Mipro ACT24HC 2.4Ghz digital wireless hand held microphone, the ACT24HC transmitters will suit...

BC-100T/MM205 Wireless BC-100T/MM205 Wireless
Item Code: BC-100T

MIPRO Wireless Base with 485mm Gooseneck Microphone. Mic base features an integrated...

PAVIRO Call Station PAVIRO Call Station
Item Code: PVA-15CST

PVA-15CST is a call station for the PAVIRO system. As standard, the call station has a...

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