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PA News & Information
02 January 2019
Acoustic absorption panels They are cost effective solution to lower... Read More..
02 January 2019
M18B TURBOSOUND 2200 watt powered 18" subwoofer. The new MILAN series... Read More..
01 January 2019
Mipro MA708-PA Portable PA ideal for use where the voice of a presenter... Read More..
16 October 2018
BC-100T/MM205 Wireless Base with Gooseneck Microphone. The Mipro BC100T... Read More..
20 August 2018
DNH Loudspeaker Certified hazardous areas For one of the very best Ex... Read More..
29 January 2018
AUDAC ATU44 Line Transformers   The AUDAC ATU44 is a universal... Read More..
29 January 2018
Think of megaphone as the quick fix solution for paging, it's the... Read More..
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