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 CPS8.5 8ch Power Amplifier CPS8.5 8ch Power Amplifier
Item Code: CPS8.5

CPS8.5 top-quality performance and reliability with innovative designs perfectly tailored to the...

A-4246 Pro Loop C Loop Amplifier A-4246 Pro Loop C Loop Amplifier
Item Code: A-4246

The A-4246 PROLOOP C amplifier is designed for professional use in medium-sized rooms (up to 170...

A-4252 Pro Loop Amplifier A-4252 Pro Loop Amplifier
Item Code: A-4252

HUMANTECHNIK A-4252 Hearing Impaired PRO LOOP LOS Amplifier is a compact system designed to...

A-4264 Pro Loop Amplifier A-4264 Pro Loop Amplifier
Item Code: A-4264

A-4264 Pro Loop Amplifier PROLOOP DCC plus is designed for rooms of up to 600 m² with loop...

A1712 TOA Mixer Amplifier A1712 TOA Mixer Amplifier
Item Code: A1712

Toa A1712 120 watt high-performance mixing-dedicated power amplifiers are ideal for PA...

A1724 TOA Mixer Amplifier A1724 TOA Mixer Amplifier
Item Code: A1724

TOA 240 watt PA amplifier equipped with 6 Microphone inputs and 3 AUX inputs for simultaneous use...

ACT24HC Handheld  ACT24HC Handheld
Item Code: ACT24HC

Mipro ACT24HC 2.4Ghz digital wireless hand held microphone, the ACT24HC transmitters will suit...

Aerobic Pack 3 Aerobic Pack 3
Item Code: Aerobic Pack 3

Electro-Voice ZLX-12BT is a great sounding two-way powered speaker designed for the portable...

APEX Pro 250 watt PA APEX Pro 250 watt PA
Item Code: APEX-U0000B

CHIAYO APEX-U0000B Apex Pro Portable PA, 1 x Band 6 UHF Receiver and Bluetooth - APEX-U0000B...

Item Code: ATU44MK2

ATU44MK2 AUDAC universal input adapter allows input signal selection between line or loudspeaker...

AXIR column speaker  AXIR column speaker
Item Code: AXIR

AUDAC introduces the column speaker “AXIR”, an all-round column speaker with an extraordinary...

Bosch CCS1000 Discussion Systems Bosch CCS1000 Discussion Systems
Item Code: CCS1000

The system is very quick and easy to install. No training is needed

BOSCH PLN-1LA10 Hearing Assistance BOSCH PLN-1LA10 Hearing Assistance
Item Code: PLN-1LA10

PLN-1LA10 High power, current driven loop amplifier with two microphone/line inputs, one priority...

BS633A TOA cabinet speaker BS633A TOA cabinet speaker
Item Code: BS633A

The BS-633A/AT are wall-mount 5 (12cm) cone-type speakers with a compact and unobtrusive...

CHG-U0000PB Challenger PA Pack 2 CHG-U0000PB Challenger PA Pack 2
Item Code: Challenger 2

CHG-U0000PB Challenger PA Pack 2 with SM6100 Belt Pack NHS777-0

Item Code: CPR12

CPR12 is an easy to use, flexible and multifunctional 10 channel pre-amplifier mixer with two...

DCN Multimedia Conference System DCN Multimedia Conference System
Item Code: DCNM-MMD

Continuing its breakthrough developments in conferencing, Bosch is pleased to introduce its...

Denon Lectern Active Denon Lectern Active
Item Code: Denon Lectern Active

Denon Lectern Active is a portable lectern public address system for multi-media presentations -...

DN200BR Denon Bluetooth DN200BR Denon Bluetooth
Item Code: DN200BR

Denon DN-200BR Bluetooth Audio Receiver Features A fast and easy way to add Bluetooth input to...

DYNACORD CMS 1000-3 mixer DYNACORD CMS 1000-3 mixer
Item Code: CMS 1000-3

This compact Dynacord CMS 1000-3 mixer featuring a total of 10 channels (6 mono and 4 stereo),...

Dynacord L1300FD-AU Power Amplifier Dynacord L1300FD-AU Power Amplifier
Item Code: L1300FD-AU

Dynacord L1300FD-AU 2 x 650 watt Series power amplifiers are engineered to provide sound...

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