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Proloop LOS Induction Loop Amplifier

The Humantechnik Hearing Impaired PROLOOP LOS Amplifier is a compact system designed to operate low overspill systems.

Advanced Details

It integrates the entire electronic configuration required in a single enclosure to provide a flexibly sized, reliable low-overspill solution for the coverage of adjacent event rooms and assembly halls up to a size of 300 m².

Humantechnik Proloop LOS Induction Loop Amplifier

The system is equipped with Automatic Gain Control (AGC) to produce stable sound with outstanding speech reproduction, even under difficult acoustic conditions. The values/data required to test the quality of the induction loop system can be conveniently picked up via an integrated monitor output.


Uniform coverage throughout the room (no dead spots in the middle of the room) / No signal fluctuations when hearing-aid user moves his/her head
Reduced sensitivity to architecture-related magnetic fields
High efficiency, low power consumption / 19" design
Well suited for retrofitted installation in theatres, cinemas, concert halls, schools, conference rooms

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