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Morrison's PA opened for business in 1992, when the demand for good quality Public Address Equipment was on a steady rise. We opened the business out of sheer passion for the industry, Allan Morrison founder and managing director started working in the audio industry back in 1975. Allan's sound experience and industry knowledge of over 4 decades helped to found a company that could help the consumers looking for high-quality audio equipment with great backup support.

Whether you are looking for quality audio or public address systems such as microphones, audio mixers, mixer amplifiers, portable pa speakers for schools or government departments and church groups. If you are looking for Ex certified loudspeakers for the oil and gas or mining industry, you will also find it all at Morrisons PA.

The audio products we sell are constantly evolving and housing numerous brands that compete with each other to offer the best features and specifications work extremely well for our customers.

We are not biased towards product brands. At Morrison's, we believe in offering the best quality equipment, good stock, and better support as well as service to our customers. We thrive on customer satisfaction – and that is measured not just by our repeat sale figures but also through our customer-centric approach to delight all our clients.

We take great pride in offering great before and after sale service to our clients.

Please feel free to contact me by phone or if you prefer to send me an email I would be happy to help you!

Allan Morrison
Founder and Managing Director

Morrison's Public Address
Unit 1, 26 ILDA Road
Canning Vale WA 6155