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LV41 Bone Sensor Headset

For military and public safety personnel utilizing bone conduction methodology
Code: LV41
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LV41 Lightweight Sensory Headset

  • Utilizing Bone Conduction Technology
  • Allows user to hear incoming messages while donning earplugs
  • Superb microphone quality
  • Water immersion 1m, 3m options

       The LV41 is a specially designed headset that allows the user to communicate effectively, regardless of whether the user is in a quiet or noisy environment. Applying bone conduction methodology, the transmitted signals are converted into vibrations that are transmitted through the bone and to the auditory organs directly.
When the user needs to listen to the environment with both ears open, the user will 'hear' the  incoming messages through the bone conductors, while both ears are still listening to the surroundings. In high noise environments where the user needs to don earplugs for protection, the bone conductors will still effectively transmit the incoming messages intelligibly.
The microphone has a very high sound quality with very good background noise rejection and provides near 100% accuracy in voice recognition. It is good for half-duplex communication. Potential applications include warehouse operators, train operators, military and public safety personnel, professional audio and visual production crew, etc.


  • Generating Element: Electret Condenser 
  • Polar Pattern: Noise cancelling
  • Frequency Response: 100 Hz to 10 kHz
  • Sensitivity (1 kHz @ 1/4" distance):
  • -40 dB  re 1V/Pa (option to have 1m or 3m water immersion versions)


  • Frequency Range: 350 Hz to 4 kHz
  • Output: 102 dB ref 1 AµN @1 m


  • Waterproofing options: 1 m, or 3 m water immersion proof


  • Windscreen (Standard) Ear plug (Optional)
  • Color:: Black

RoHS Conform

Wiring Configuration:

  • Mic + : White
  • Mic - : Shield & Green
  • Spk left + :Red
  • Spk left - :Black
  • Spk right + :Yellow
  • Spk right - :Blue