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 CPS8.5 8ch Power Amplifier CPS8.5 8ch Power Amplifier
Item Code: CPS8.5

CPS8.5 top-quality performance and reliability with innovative designs perfectly tailored to...

A1712 TOA Mixer Amplifier A1712 TOA Mixer Amplifier
Item Code: A1712

Toa A1712 120 watt high-performance mixing-dedicated power amplifiers are ideal for PA...

A1724 TOA Mixer Amplifier A1724 TOA Mixer Amplifier
Item Code: A1724

TOA 240 watt PA amplifier equipped with 6 Microphone inputs and 3 AUX inputs for simultaneous...

Item Code: A2240DT

A2240DT toa 240W PA MIXER AMPLIFIER WITH TONES, Bell CHime, Alert, EVAC, Lockdown, All-Clear....

AQUA-30 DNH Loudspeaker AQUA-30 DNH Loudspeaker
Item Code: AQUA-30

DNH unique Aqua 30 is a completely sealed loudspeaker designed for underwater applications....

ASL V2000 Amplifier ASL V2000 Amplifier
Item Code: V2000

V2000 Voice Alarm Amplifier Mainframe works with the VIPEDIA-12, D-Series amplifiers EN54-16...

Item Code: ATU44MK2

ATU44MK2 AUDAC universal input adapter allows input signal selection between line or...

BA-56EExeNTMF Maintenance Free BA-56EExeNTMF Maintenance Free
Item Code: BA-56EExeNTMF

DNH Maintenance Free Ex certified ceiling speaker for flush mounting. IP-rating of 54, makes...

BAREEX-36T Ceiling Speaker BAREEX-36T Ceiling Speaker
Item Code: BAREEX-36T

BAREEX-36T DNH certified ceiling loudspeaker for flush mounting. IP-rating 67 in e-chamber...

Beyerdynamic DT 108 Single-ear-headse Beyerdynamic DT 108 Single-ear-headse
Item Code: DT 108

Beyerdynamic DT 108 200/400 Ohm single-muff headset is designed for live, remote broadcasting,...

Beyerdynamic DT 109 headset, 200/400 Ohm Black Beyerdynamic DT 109 headset, 200/400 Ohm Black
Item Code: DT109

Rugged, field-servicable construction. The headphone transducers feature extended frequency...

BK560CRT Clean Room Speaker BK560CRT Clean Room Speaker
Item Code: BK560CRT

BK560CRT is versatile and can be used in most installations, especially in environments such...

BLC550CRT Clean Room Speaker BLC550CRT Clean Room Speaker
Item Code: BLC550CRT

BLC550CRT Clean Room Round cabinet speaker is developed specially to meet the demand for...

BP-660Tx2 Loudspeaker BP-660Tx2 Loudspeaker
Item Code: BP-660Tx2

BP-660Tx2 DNH 2 separate loudspeakers, 2 transformers and 2 terminals. A + B system.

CAPEEX-6T bi-directional speaker CAPEEX-6T bi-directional speaker
Item Code: CAPEEX-6T

CAPEEX-6T bi-directional speaker made from aliminium. Used for cabins, hallways etc. in...

CAREEX-36T Cabinets Loudspeaker CAREEX-36T Cabinets Loudspeaker
Item Code: CAREEX-36T

CAREEX-36T DNH bi-directional speaker made of aluminium. Used for cabins, hallways etc. in...

CAREEX-6Tx2  CABINETS loudspeaker CAREEX-6Tx2 CABINETS loudspeaker
Item Code: CAREEX-6Tx2

CAREEX-6Tx2 bi-directional loudspeaker made from aluminum. Used for cabins and hallways in...

CR-6 CLEAN ROOM Maintenance Free CR-6 CLEAN ROOM Maintenance Free
Item Code: CR-6

CR-6(T) IPA Tested clean room speaker, completely sealed and waterproof and suitable for areas...

CS-760B CS-760W TOA Paging Music Horn CS-760B CS-760W TOA Paging Music Horn
Item Code: CS-760W

CS-760B, CS-760W 2-way 100 V Weatherproof loudspeaker designed for high efficiency, high power...

CS530BS TOA Music horn speaker CS530BS TOA Music horn speaker
Item Code: CS530BS

SC530BS toa music horn speaker is suited for voice alarm, public address and back ground music...

CS660BS TOA Music horn speaker CS660BS TOA Music horn speaker
Item Code: CS660BS

CS660BS TOA 60 watt high-efficiency weather-resistant music horn speaker

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