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TOA TZ Series Weatherproof Colunm Speakers

TOA white or black column speakers 20w 40w and 60w 100v line multi-tap
Product Downloads:
» TZ206 Instruction manual
» TZ Series Brochure

Advanced Details

TOA focused sound directivity for improved intelligibility

The highly efficient TZ Series Column Speakers are compact speakers that deliver excellent sound performance in medium sized venues such as houses of worship, gymnasiums, auditoriums and more.

Multiple speaker units are arranged in a vertical array to produce a wide horizontal sound dispersion, yet at the same time, limit the vertical sound dispersion. This greatly minimizes reverberation problem in enclosed areas.

Newly added to the TZ Series Column Speaker System is the weatherproof range that has attained a rating of IP-65. They are capable of withstanding weather conditions in outdoor installations.

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