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MA101PA 45 watt Portable PA System

MIPRO Portable PA, 45 Watts with integrated rechargeable battery. 5" full range speaker. Supplied with cord microphone and shoulder strap. 6.35mm Mic Input and 3.5mm Line Input. Use on a table, microphone stand or over the shoulder. 2.2kg.
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MA101PA Portable PA System

Ideal applications include Indoor or outdoor gatherings and meetings, playground duty, Auctions and Tour guide operators.

Mipro MA101PA shoulder strap PA system with hand held cord microphone is a highly efficient compact 45 watt portable audio system. It is lightweight and powerful, the system can be hand carried or use with a shoulder strap.

You can mount the MA101PA on a flat surface or attach it to a microphone stand. Ideal for use in Schools, Worship Groups and great for Tour Groups


The other option is the Mipro MA303B with ACT32H-5 hand held wireless or ACT32T-5 wireless belt-pack, microphone to suit belt-pack would be the head-microphon MH55HNS

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