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CR1T Biamp Devio Conferencing Solution CR1T Biamp Devio Conferencing Solution
Item Code: CR1T

Biamp's Devio CR1T conferencing solution for small spaces includes the CR1, the DTM1 and and...

Bosch Discussion Systems Bosch Discussion Systems
Item Code: CCS-CU900

Bosch CCS-CU900 ultro discussion system is intended for meeting areas such as town halls,...

Bosch CCS1000 Discussion Systems Bosch CCS1000 Discussion Systems
Item Code: CCS1000

The system is very quick and easy to install. No training is needed

DCN Multimedia Conference System DCN Multimedia Conference System
Item Code: DCNM-MMD

Continuing its breakthrough developments in conferencing, Bosch is pleased to introduce its...

Revolabs FLX2 wireless teleconferencing  Revolabs FLX2 wireless teleconferencing
Item Code: FLX2

Wireless Freedom, No more unsightly wires on your conference table all you need to do is place...

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