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Exclusive features include an all-steel cable

The Cyclemic is an orange Aeromic reshaped with a 'J' curve at the end to help drain the sweat away from the frame, giving greater reliability in the face of some of the sweatiest instructors on the planet Cycling Class Instructors!  This is because, as a 'no impact' class, they tend to keep their heads in a fixed, leaning forward position and don't have the freedom of other group fitness program Instructors to move about and 'aerate' the mic capsule as they teach.

Since 2008 every Cyclemic sold with a serial number starting with an 8 has the new PhatFrame* developed by Peter Paisley that adds more strength to the one-piece frame. The PhatFrame can be molded to a firm fit for a wide range of head shapes and sizes. Exclusive features include an all-steel cable, a clear protective sleeve over the yellow boom arm and four layers of sweat defence at the connector.  Then in 2013 we upgraded the capsule and improved the mesh screen to further protect the it. Fitted with a HS-3 Mini XLR Connector to suit Fitness Audio belt packs.