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Aeromic AM11 is the sweat resistant Fitness Instructors microphone that really is the industry standard.
Code: AM11
Brand: Aeromic
Recommended: Fitness, Clubs
Industry: Maritime

Sweat resistant Fitness Instructors headworn microphone

Aeromic is the superior headworn microphone designed specifically for fitness instruction. The Aeromic looks good with its unique miniature capsule on the end of a straight yellow boom arm protected by a sweat ring. Its excellent sound quality makes good voice projection easier with greater clarity and understanding than lesser headmics.

Theres also a new non-stick green mesh in front of it to further protect it from getting flooded or clogged (yes fitness instruction is a messy business and we love it!).

Twenty years of continuous search and development including extensive testing by leading Australian fitness instructors has resulted in a microphone that is the pinnacle of sweat resistant technology. Thanks to toughened cables and plug connections, Aeromic stands up to all the hard sweaty work you can throw at it and is compatible with many different brands of wireless transmitters including Fitness Audio, Chaiyo, Shure, EV-Telex, MIPRO, TOA, Audio Technica, AKG, Sennheiser and many others.