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E-MIC headworn microphone

E-Mic from Aeromic stands up to all the hard sweaty work you can throw at it and is compatible with many different brands of wireless transmitters
General: Clubs, Celebrants, Meetings, Fitness
Brand: Aeromic
Government: Schools, Universities, TAFE
Industry: Mining, Maritime

Save your voice and let Aeromic wireless do the work for you!!!

Aeromic stands up to all the hard sweaty work you can throw at it and is compatible with many different brands of wireless transmitters including Fitness Audio, Chaiyo, Shure, EV-Telex, MIPRO, TOA, Audio Technica, AKG, Sennheiser and many others.

This superior headworn microphone designed specifically for fitness instruction, looks good with it's unique miniature mic capsule on the end of a straight yellow boom arm protected by a sweat ring. It's excellent sound quality makes good voice projection easier with greater clarity and understanding than lesser headmics.

The Cyclemic was developed with a distinctive 'J' curve at the end of the orange boom arm to keep the sweating moving down and dripping off when teaching 'Spinning' or 'RPM' classes aka Studio Cycling. In all other aspects it is the same as the Aeromic.

The very latest versions, the AM11LS and CM11LS, feature a strengthened lower sensitivity capsule that meets the military spec for percussion wave tests ie it's more blast proof than before. We are aware that some of the latest beltpack transmitters from the major brands below are being made for less money, achieved in part by reducing the flexibility to match the pack with high output (dearer and better) electret condenser mics like ours. Then at the other end of the scale, installers of more expensive distributed sound systems controlled by a digital processor have also been experiencing difficulties coping with the high output Aeromics and Cyclemics that have served the fitness industry well for over 20 years in the analog realm so something had to be done about this.

Introducing the LS Series from January 2013 on all Aeromics and Cyclemics! Their serial numbers will start with a 3xxxx and they will use the new Low Sensitivity capsule. If you are buying or supplying a brand new Aeromic/Fitness Audio wireless package then there's no need to turn the transmitter input gain down leave it at full on and you'll get the benefit of a greater dynamic range at the mouth (great for loud voice Sergeant Major Types!), a flatter frequency response that's less likely to feedback with cheaper beltpacks and speaker systems but will be easier to manage if using any type of expensive digital mixer or sound processor! Everybody's happy!


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