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BC-100T/MM205 Wireless

MIPRO Wireless Base with 485mm Gooseneck Microphone. Mic base features an integrated transmitter with rechargeable lithium battery. Features Talk/Mute switch on base with LED status indication. Gooseneck mic is a 485mm cardioid condenser.
Code: BC-100T
Product Downloads:

  • Operational controls and LCD display of operating parameters are conveniently located on top of housing which encloses an transmitter PCB.
  • TALK / MUTE button provides easy speaking or mute option; a LED indicates status.
  • A gooseneck microphone installed on the BC-100T can be used either as a wired or wireless microphone.
  • The BC-100T accepts the optional longer gooseneck MM-204 / MM-205 / MM-206 microphones; their cardioid ECM (electret condenser microphone) provides excellent sensitivity and clear, highly intelligible sound reinforcement.
  • Powered by an ICR 18500 rechargeable lithium battery, the BC-100T has built-in charging circuitry for recharging the battery.

ACT311B, ACT312B or MA Series Portable PA's fitted with compatible modules. 5NB frequency band