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MA707 PAM5 Pack-2

The Mipro MA707 PAMB5 Pack-2 comes with ACT32T5 MU55HNS headset wireless microphone, and PA Rechargeable Battery's. This PA systems lets you communicate perfectly anywhere with either voice or music.
Code: MA707 PAM5 2
Brand: Mipro
Recommended: Fitness, Promotions, Presentaions, Meetings, Celebrants, Funerals, Clubs
Government: TAFE, Community Centres, Universities, Local Government, Schools
$ 2,136.00

Mipro MA707 crystal clear excellence in sound PA system solution

The Mipro MA707 PA system delivers outstanding crystal clear audio for music and speech, weighing only 14kg. This sleek looking, lightweight, totally cordless system delivers 100 watts of clean portable audio. The Mipro MA707 PA system operates on both AC/DC and built in Rechargeable Battery.

Morrisons PA with over 40 years experience and based in Perth, Morrisons PA have been supplying the Mipro PA systems to all parts of Australia for a great many years.

Call 0407 442822 or email to ensure you receive the œright equipment that meets the needs, 1st time, EVERY time.

Mipro microphone options allow up to 2 Mipro ACT30H hand held wireless microphones as well as 2 hand held cord microphones all working at the same time, if required. For totally hands free operation the Mipro ACT30T wireless belt pack with MU55HNS headset microphone is ideal. An in-built CD/MP3 player with thumb-drive is also available.

The flexibility of all the Mipro PA systems allows you to start with just the MA707 basic PA with a hand held cord microphone and order any combination in the future.