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Mipro MA101B-5 only

MA101B-5 is a perfect PA for a small crowds
Code: MA101B-5
Brand: Mipro
Recommended: Promotions, Presentaions, Meetings
Government: Schools
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The Mipro MA101B-5 has been produced to be sold worldwide and it remains a market-leading system as MIPRO ensures product design, craftsmanship and reliability are second to none. Since 2012, upgraded rechargeable lithium battery replaces sealed lead-acid rechargeable battery for reducing weight significantly for portability as it also extends battery operating hours & increases battery lifespan. 

Lightweight, robust and battery operated, this popular system is simple to use and can be easily carried via the built-in handle, shoulder strap, or mounted on a microphone stand. The MA101B-5 is a perfect PA for a small crowds.

Ideal applications include:

  • School classrooms
  • Places of worship
  • Presentations, seminars and meetings
  • Day-care activities; playground duty
  • Indoor/outdoor gatherings
  • Tour guides & Paging
  • Fire fighters, law enforcement, search & rescue 
  • Street performers
  • Factory or company tours


  • ACT32H-5 hand held wireless
  • ACT32T-5 wireless belt-pack
  • MH55HNS head-microphon to suit belt-pack
  • SC10 Carry Bag