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Beyerdynamic DT 109 headset, 200/400 Ohm Black

Rugged, field-servicable construction. The headphone transducers feature extended frequency response. Adjustable, noise-cancelling microphone provides clear, audible speech transmission.
Brand: Beyerdynamic
Government: Defence, Local Government
Industry: Mining


• Highly sensitive headphone and microphone transducers
• Excellent ambient noise attenuation
• Capable of handling very high SPL
• Rugged construction
• Excellent comfort for long-term wearing
• Modular construction for easy servicing


Headset,200/50Ω, grey: Order#101.877
same as above, but black: Order # 402.974
Headset, 200/400 Ω, grey: Order # 101.885
same as above, but black: Order # 402.982

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