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VoiceBridge 2nd generation

VoiceBridge helps staff and the customer to converse with clear intelligible audio even with protective masks, hygienic glass walls, and the additional spaces we require to observes. The VoiceBridge gives both parties with additional safety
Code: VoiceBridge
Recommended: Clubs
Government: Schools, Local Government, Universities, Community Centres
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VoiceBridge gives both parties additional safety

The VoiceBridge is the innovative intercom system for easy retrofitting in pharmacies, retail stores, advice centres, information desks and many other areas of application. Thanks to the latest technology, echoes are minimized and background noise is filtered out. With the new VoiceBridge Bluetooth sets, staff can easily move 5-10 meters around the sales counter and always stay in contact with the customer.

The VoiceBridge is equipped with technology to enable clear communication in any environment

In order to make communication as easy to understand as possible in any environment despite protective masks, safety distance and protective walls, we have equipped the VoiceBridge with the latest technology.

Automatic Calibration

Setting up the VoiceBridge

The first time the VoiceBridge is started up, it automatically adjusts to the current environment for about 30 seconds. Echoes and feedbacks should not longer appear.