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DCN Multimedia Conference System

Continuing its breakthrough developments in conferencing, Bosch is pleased to introduce its latest innovation, the DCN multimedia conference system
Brand: Bosch
Government: Local Government, Universities, Community Centres

The Bosch DCN it's more than just a new conference system... it's a completely new platform designed to inform, impress and inspire.

DCN Multimedia 7" capacitive touchscreen, Unobtrusive pluggable microphone, Builtin twoway loudspeaker, Video, meeting content and internet access, Add functionality via software and 3rd party/custom apps

DCN multimedia is a conferencing system that will deliver information more effectively. Now you can access all forms of data easily and turn it into exciting content, so that people become interested, listen more actively, and want to be involved. DCN multimedia is going to change the way people think about conference systems.

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