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Cardioid FW730 2.13m

Cardioid 7 ft model with solid round base - 30Hz to 30kHz with uniform, near perfect polar response and the ability to reject sounds from the rear of the mic. Mini-gooseneck between end of wand and mic head for precise aiming. Black.
Code: FW730
Brand: Earthworks Audio
Recommended: Houses of Worship
Government: TAFE, Universities
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» Earthworks FW730 data sheet

Earthwork FW730 Microphone Overview:

The Earthworks FW730 Flex Wand Series 30 kHz High Definition Hyper cardioid Mic has a highly sensitive 30 kHz microphone, built into a height adjustable gooseneck stand. The entire FX730 microphone system is sleek, low-profile, easy to set up and reproduces audio with incredible detail. The integrated stand is height adjustable. Easily adjust from 7\\\' to 1.5\\\' (2.13m to 45cm) with no exposed cables to create tension or noise.

Setting up the microphone is easy, simply connect microphone cables (sold separately) to the base and you are ready to go. Earthwork\\\'s patented high-definition microphone technology accurately reproduces frequencies that enhance subtleties and detail. This FM730 mic is a great option for crucial church applications, speech with fantastic intelligibility and much more.

This microphone is a Hyper cardioid polar pattern

The FW730 mic Frequency response is 30 Hz to 30 kHz and has near perfect polar response

For applications requiring a tighter pickup pattern with greater off-axis rejection

Mini gooseneck between the end of the wand and the microphone head

The combination of a mid-flex section and the mini flex on the wand provide an infinite combination of placement options between 1.5\\\' and 7\\\' or 2.13m to 45cm

Substantial gain before feedback with near perfect polar response of the Flex Wand allows the use of fewer microphones on choir, with superior sound quality, no spotlighting and incredible rejection of sounds from the rear of the microphone

The FW730 would be ideal for miking up individual orchestra or instruments