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DNH HP20EEXIINT 20 watt 100 volt Zone 2 horn loudspeaker in Antistatic Polyamide. M20 cable gland entries are in the back lid for easy mounting.
Brand: DNH
Government: Defence
Industry: Oil & Gas, Mining, Maritime, Defence
Product Downloads:
» Sec Sheet

To unscrew back lid (4 screws). Lead cable through cable gland and connect to screw terminal (100V or 70V).
Tighten cable gland to ensure IP-grade.
Fasten lid with a torque of 2-3 Nm.
Fasten bracket with 1-3 screws.

To change the position of the loudspeaker, please adjust the bracket (by loosening / tightening the screws) as required.

HP-20EExIIN(T) is designed for Zone 2 environment.
For optimum performance, always use the correct voltage / power and operate within the frequency limits as stated.
This loudspeaker is supplied with a 2 year warranty against defective workmanship.


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