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DSP25EExmNT Horn Loudspeakers

DSP25EExmNT IEC-Ex 100 volt line 25 watt horn loudspeaker Protected Zone 1 Plastic Horn Loudspeaker
Brand: DNH
Government: Local Government, Defence
Industry: Maritime, Mining, Oil & Gas

DNH Hazardous loudspeaker DSP25EExmNT was the first anti static polyester loudspeaker to be certified for hazardous areas by DNH in the 1980s and has enjoyed nearly 30 years of excellent service in both offshore and onshore environments. Manufactured from carbon-loaded black anti-static polyamide, this UV stable enclosure is non-corroding and lighter than similar materials such as glass fibre reinforced polyester (GRP).

This DSP25EExmNT horn loudspeaker has a maximum power consumption of 25 watts, which will produce a peak sound pressure level of 108db 1W/1m for the gas group IIB+H2 version. A gas group IIC version is also available if required. The loudspeaker is available with a multi-tapping line voltage transformer (typically 100V) or in a low impedance (typically 8 ohm) version.

Termination is within an Ex 'e' termination chamber, via M20 gland entries, which can accept any certified Ex 'e 'or Ex 'd' cable glands according to local requirements. This loudspeaker is certified to the latest EN 60079 standards and is also IEC-Ex approved, CNEX (Chinese) and GOST (Russian) certificates. ID stainless steel plate attached to the DSP-25EExmNT loudspeakers

Option: Maintenance Free

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