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ER1215s Megaphones, the problem solver

Mon, 29 Jan 2018

Think of megaphone as the quick fix solution for paging, it's the system that gets you controlling the situation in seconds


The TOA ER1215s pistol grip megaphone with sirentis a is great for Schools. The LH25FM 25 watt is a power-house shoulder strap/pistol-grip it works well in any situation.

Whether you’re a school teacher, office warden, lifeguard or factory worker at some time we will need to quickly response to certain situations instantly, the humble megaphone or often referred to as a loud-hailer or Bull-Horn is a fantastic way to achieve quick and precise communicate with others something you should consider.

The TOA megaphone/speaker features rugged polyimide (PI) materials for the diaphragms and neodymium magnets to achieve exceptional acoustic performance. Excellent battery life from AA, C or D batteries (depending on megaphone model) provides significantly longer performance

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