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TOA VM-3240VA Voice Alarm

Toa VM-3240VA is a Voice Alarm System 240 watt multi functional amplifier that can be mounted in an EIA Standard equipment rack
Code: VM-3240VA
Brand: TOA
Industry: Defence, Maritime, Mining, Oil & Gas
Government: TAFE, Community Centres, Universities, Local Government, Defence, Schools
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TOA VM-3240VA is a multifunctional amplifier

The TOA VM-3240VA can be mounted in an EIA-Standard equipment rack (3RU). This amplifier comes with audio inputs including the background music input, and the speaker output section which has an internal attenuator and 6-output selector.

This amplifier permits not only general-purpose broadcast, but also Emergency broadcast based on the EN60849 Standard which gives pre-recorded voice instructions in the emergency situation.

Emergency broadcast can be made from an optional RM-300MF Firemans Microphone as well as from the amplifier and can be remotely controlled from external equipment. In addition, the unit features the surveillance function which automatically checks the system for failures.

System Management Amplifier

  • Master, 1 unit required per system
  • 240 W power output
  • 8 remote microphones max. (4 x general 4 x emergency.
  • EN 54: max. 2 x emergency or 4 x general 1 x emergency)
  • 6 zones, for BGM selectable with volume control from the front panel
  • Built-in high quality electronic voice message store for 6 general and 2 emergency messages

Tender text for this product:

Digital microprocessor-controlled voice alarm compact amplifier for voice alarm, announcements, and background music. Integrated audio inputs, 8-level priority control, voice alarm control, power amplifier, circular dial, and complete monitoring according to VDE 0828-1, EN 54-16 and VDE 0833-4.

6 switchable and adjustable volume speaker outputs with a total of 240-Watt nominal power output. Three microphone audio carrier inputs with switchable sensitivity as well as two stereo audio carrier inputs with volume control and tone control on front panel, one input switchable sensitivity and volume control back to prevent an intentional or unintentional adjustment, two speaking bus lines for up to four external stations.

Front mounted acoustic and electronically monitored fire brigade microphone (fist microphone) with control panel for controlling the alarm: emergency one and out, range selection, selection of evacuation and warning text. Fault indication with plain text display of the occurred error, acoustic signal and reset button.

Password-protected setting the equalizer settings, language, password many more. and display relevant system information via menu on alphanumeric two-line display.

LAN connection for system programming and read out of the log with detailed event and error messages to diagnose locally or to remote diagnosis.

8 universally usable inputs and 8 universally usable control outputs; 6 separate inputs for alarm control of the BMZ with switchable monitoring, one with 24-volt control (polarity); three separate control outputs with relay contacts for feedback to the BMZ: collective fault signal (changeover contact), emergency (changeover contact) and activated CPU off (make contact). Each line output a switching relay for example external volume control in 3- and 4-wire technology.

An appropriate additional amplifier can be used as a rescue and announcement enhancer.