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Tunnel 500 40-54T DNH Loudspeaker

DNH largest flare, tailor made for tunnel projects. Tunnel 500 40-54(T) is tested and certified according EN54-2
Code: Tunnel 500 DUP-40-54T
Brand: DNH
Industry: Mining
Government: Local Government
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» DNH Tunnel 500 loudspeaker

Tunnel 500 40-54T DNH Loudspeaker 

In any emergency situation, clear and concise communication is essential. Now imagine that emergency occurring in the confined space of a tunnel. Recognising that requirement has resulted in voice alarm systems being installed in such environments to guide people in the tunnel to safety in the event of evacuation becoming necessary. High noise levels and long reverberation times mean that speech intelligibility is critical, so a loudspeaker with characteristics that can cope with these challenges is required. Responding to this demand, DNH developed the Tunnel 500 horn flare and DUP 40 horn driver.

High sound pressure – 127dB/40W

Possibility to fit 2 x DUP 40 increasing power to 80W (left)

Lightweight black zero halogen plastic to UL94 5VA

316 grade stainless steel adjustable fixing bracket

Weatherproof IP67 (when fitted with DUP 40)

Available as EN 54-24 approved