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Toa NX100 NX100SP

TOA NX100 and NX100SP is a reliable and easy to use solution for transporting mic or line-level audio signals over IP-based local and wide area networks (LAN/WAN), as well as the Internet.
Code: NX100
Brand: TOA
Industry: Defence, Maritime, Mining, Oil & Gas
Government: Universities, Local Government, Schools
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The NX-100S Network Audio Adapter can transmit high-quality audio signals and such control data as control input data over IP networks, such as LAN or Internet, in real time. It is especially useful when transmitting audio signals to remote locations, as Internet use keeps running costs lower than the use of dedicated lines. With the use of an optional rack mounting bracket, it can be mounted in an EIA Standard rack (1 unit size).

  • Realtime transmission of high quality audio via IP networks
  • Uses dedicated lines and internet for transmission to remote areas
  • Reduces communications cost by allowing the internet to be used

Audio can simply be transmitted as IP packets via a router or an intelligent switch. Without any network delay, the audio broadcasts will only experience delay times as minimal as tens of milliseconds.

Audio signal quality maintains high fidelity over a wide frequency range from 50 Hz up to 14 kHz The NX-100/NX-100S incorporates efficient ‘‘sub-band ADPCM’’ audio compression technology that preserves delicate musical instrument nuances and allows the emotional content of a person's speech to be transmitted as well. Malfunctions and emergency signals and other sounds can also be accurately monitored and evaluated thanks to the high level of fidelity. If a higher level of audio performance is required, the NX-100 will also uncompress (PCM) audio transmission. Sampling frequency transmission rates can be selected at 8kHz, 16kHz, or 32kHz to best suit the transmission frequency range.

Multi transmission modes available — LANs and dedicated lines as well as transmitting audio over the internet. The NX-100/NX-100S supports NAT and IP Masquerade (IPMASQ or MASQ) networking which present technological difficulties to conventional VoIP (Voice over IP) technology and protocols such as H.323 and SIP. These advanced abilities of the

NX-100/NX-100S result in dramatic cost savings for both installation and operational costs. Note: Connected to the internet, the private IP address is converted into a global IP address by the router. NAT and IP Masquerade perform this address conversion. Equipped with the Voice Packet Loss Recovery and sampling frequency adjustment functions

The NX-100/NX100S employs three modes that are employed to recover lost packets. Both also adjust sampling frequencies at the sending and receiving ends so that uninterrupted continuous broadcasting may be possible for long hours even if communication interference should occur on the network. Simultaneous multi-location broadcasting and two-way communication capabilities widen scope of applications.

A single NX-100/NX-100S unit can simultaneously transmit audio signals to a maximum of 4 locations in the Unicast mode and to up to 64 locations in the Multicast mode. This makes it possible to effectively perform company-wide broadcasting and also to integrate broadcast diffusion functions.

Every NX-100/NX-100S is equipped with independent audio input and output connectors that can be operating simultaneously, allowing use as a broadcast monitor or as a communication device responding to the location receiving the broadcast.

8 channels of contact inputs/outputs are provided. The RS-232C port on the NX-100 can be used to send serial data to and from remote areas. Control input signals as well as audio signals can easily be transmitted to remote locations. The signals can be employed for power on/off control of the PA amplifier which receives the voice output. In addition, other useful tasks include broadcasting start using the sensor or timer, activating an external music source and selecting the broadcasting area for each of the input terminals.

Software-driven operation or through input terminals. Multiple NX-100/NX-100S units can be operated via an IP network employing the supplied operation software and broadcasting can also be initiated and terminated using the input terminals for the maximum operational reliability of a hardware solution. A full system can be assembled without including a single PC. Simplified setup and maintenance using supplied setup software or web browser. Supplied setup software makes it easy to perform routine tasks such as changing settings, checking operational status, and updating firmware for all NX-100/NX-100S units on a network.

The NX-100/X-100S is an exceptionally low maintenance product, even allowing any PC without setup software installed to complete tasks via web browser for individual NX-100/NX-100S units.

NX-100S dedicated features. The NX-100S is equipped with an indicator for audio input signal as well as a peak overload indicator, allowing at-a-glance visual confirmation of status. In addition, the NX-100S also provides phantom power on the audio inputs.