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A2240DT toa 240W PA MIXER AMPLIFIER WITH TONES, Bell Chime, Alert, EVAC, Lockdown, All-Clear. Vox muting on mic 1, 3 XLR inputs, 2UR rack mountable
Code: A2240DT
Brand: TOA
Recommended: Clubs
Industry: Defence, Maritime, Mining, Oil & Gas
Government: TAFE, Community Centres, Local Government, Defence, Schools

TOA  A-2000DT PA Amplifiers

The A-2000DT Series from TOA is a range of mixer power amplifiers that deliver high performance sound for paging or background music in various settings. They have balanced microphone inputs that reduce external noise, and can operate on AC power with outputs from 120 watt to 240 watt. They have a scratch and fingerprint-resistant surface for easy handling and a master volume knob for quick adjustment. They also have the following features:

  • On board tones: Six different tones (chime, bell, alert, evac, lockdown and all clear) that can be triggered by contact closure.
  • Inputs and outputs: Three microphone inputs, two AUX inputs and one recording output. Speaker output of constant voltage distribution system (100 V).
  • Tone control: Independent boost and cut type control for both high and low frequency.
  • Phantom power and VOX mute: MIC 1 input provides 21V DC phantom power (switchable ON/OFF) and VOX mute function.
  • Protection circuits: Current limiter and excess heat limit to protect the amplifier from damage.
  • Mounting options: Use MB25B (sold separately) for rack mounting.