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A2240DT toa 240W PA MIXER AMPLIFIER WITH TONES, Bell CHime, Alert, EVAC, Lockdown, All-Clear. Vox muting on mic 1, 3 XLR inputs, 2UR rack mountable
General: Clubs
Brand: TOA
Government: Community Centres, Local Government, Defence, Schools
Industry: Maritime, Mining, Oil & Gas
Product Downloads:
» A2240DT Brochure

A-2000D Series
The A-2000D & A-2000DT Series is a range of high performance digital mixer power amplifiers suited for broadcasting paging and/or background music in schools, retail shops, offices, factories, houses of worship and large function rooms.

The A-2000DT Series is pre-loaded with 6 tones that shall be triggered by dry contact (Chime, Bell, Evac, Siren, Lock Down, All Clear), specifically for education facilities which uses it for emergency evacuation announcements as well.   

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