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H-62ST Shockproof Horn Speaker

The DNH Horn loudspeaker H-62S is designed to withstand sound shocks (maximum 175 dB)
Code: H62ST1
Brand: DNH
Installation: Wet Areas
Industry: Defence, Maritime, Mining, Oil & Gas
Government: Defence
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» Data Sheet H62ST loudspeaker

H62ST DNH 25 watt Shockproof Non-Corrosive, Weatherproof, Horn Loudspeaker for Navy vessels and facility’s world-wide.

This specially designed DNH H62ST 25 watt aluminium horn loudspeakers will endure external sound shocks of up to 175 dB, the Australian Navy use this model and many others that depend heavily on reliability under extreme conditions. The IP-rating of 55, high quality stainless steel U bracket also puts this loudspeaker in a class of it\\\'s one.

The DNH loudspeakers are typically used in industrial and commercial locations providing extremely high intelligibility and efficiency in the speech frequency range making them excellent for use in noisy and highly reverberant areas.

DNH range of horn loudspeakers can impact directly on improving safety of others and add productivity in the work place. An effective PA paging system creates a secure work environment where individuals can perform daily work tasks.