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PLM‑8M8 BOSCH DSP matrix 8 Channel

PLM‘8M8 bosch pa for Shopping centres, schools, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, cafes, gyms, recreational facilities, churches, warehouses
Code: PLM‑8M8 PLENA matrix
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Engineered with precision, designed for reliability

Reflecting the Bosch dedication to quality, PLENA matrix systems are engineered with precision to ensure performance and reliability. Our sound systems are depended upon around the world in business, education, and leisure environments. The innovative technology used to develop the PLENA matrix system enables users to enjoy premium audio quality for a wide range of applications that require high-performance sound distribution.

Easy installation and setup


The PLENA matrix system's Amp Link and CAT5 connection to all components, including daisy chaining of call stations and wall control panels, enable faster installation with drastically reduced cable runs.

The powerful, yet very intuitive PC GUI provides a full-featured set of DSP controls. Getting the right electro-acoustic setup, tailored for the venue and application, could not be easier. Advanced configuration features are password protected and the administrator can tailor the available feature set for various end-user roles.

Multiple levels of control including iOS app

Adding to the professional acoustic tools, network control via the PC GUI and Ethernet enables PLENA matrix to be integrated with a wide range of building management and control systems.

For intermediate users, the PLENA matrix iOS app for the iPad® and iPhone® is ideal for controlling any of the 8 zones. The wireless mobility enables the user to quickly review settings and performance zone by zone, on the fly. This is ideal for venues where the zone usage changes periodically or at very short notice.

For basic every-day use, a wall-mounted control panel can be utilised in each zone to control the volume and source selection. This is ideal for venues such as gyms, where the music source and volume are adjusted frequently to suit changing instructors and activities.

Optimum acoustic performance

In addition to impressive specifications, the PLENA matrix system comes with a full-featured DSP mixer and loudspeaker processor, as well as power amplifiers featuring their own DSP. This combination, and the use of quality loudspeakers, delivers optimum sound performance that borders with pro sound systems. From basic to advanced system configurations, the PLENA matrix system will ensure the desired acoustic results.