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NON-FLAMMABLE CONTACT BRAKE and PARTS CLEANER with 360 valve which we believe to be unique in the industry.

TREBLEX Aerosol 360 Valve Non-Flammable Brake and Parts Cleaner

This is designed to penetrate and effectively dissolve and remove grease, oil and any other contaminants in extremely difficult situations.

This NON-FLAMMABLE brake and parts cleaner is specially formulated with highly refined, effective and safe solvents. This NON-FLAMMABLE Contact Cleaner can be used without disassembly of brake parts. The product is designed to be effective in heavy duty cleaning of machine parts, disc and drum brakes and forklift chains, wire ropes, open gears and many other applications where in situ cleaning is essential both in and away from the workshop.


  • Non toxic - contains no chlorinated solvents.
  • Economical in use.
  • Non-Flammable.
  • Convenient to use for cleaning 'in  place', no disassembly required.
  • Safe and highly effective cleaning.
  • Non corrosive.
  • Powerful blasting spray.
  • 360o valve, use inverted if required.
  • 450g Aerosol can.


  • When used as directed Treblex Non-Flammable Brake and Parts Cleaner used in the following applications.
  • Will quickly and effectively flush built up grease from chains and slidesforklifts, wire ropes and all types of industrial equipment.
  • To remove brake fluid, heavy build-up of oil, grease and other brake contaminants from brake drums, linings, springs, shoes, pads and cali
  • Flushes away heavy build-up of grease from clutches and clutch discs
  • Helps stop disc squeal.
  • Ideal for use from DIY to the heaviest duty Automotive and Mining industrial applications.


  • Shake can well before use.
  • Non-Flammable can be used on powered equipment.
  • Spray evenly from approx 20cm onto the area being cleaned allow product to penetrate, and then spray to wash away soilage.
  • Test on small area before using on plastic.
  • Protect all rubber parts and painted surfaces from spray.