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Carry Bag + Speaker Stand

Mipro MS-70 Speaker Stand and SC-75 padded Carry Bag with side pockets are great for storage for MA708 PA system
Code: SC-708 MS-70 Pack
Brand: Mipro
Recommended: Promotions, Presentaions, Meetings, Celebrants, Funerals, Houses of Worship, Clubs
Government: TAFE, Community Centres, Universities, Local Government, Schools
$ 253.00

Mipro MS-70 Speaker Stand and SC-708 Carry Bag

If you want to get the best sound quality and coverage from your Mipro MA708 portable speaker, you need the Mipro MS-70 speaker stand and the SC-708 carry bag. These accessories are designed to enhance the performance and protection of your speaker, making it ideal for any event.

Mipro MS-70 Speaker Stand

The Mipro MS-70 speaker stand is a sturdy and lightweight tripod that can support up to 35 kg of weight. It can elevate your speaker from 1.1 m to 1.8 m, depending on your preference and audience size. By placing your speaker on the stand, you can improve the wireless microphone reception and the sound dispersion, ensuring that your voice and music are heard clearly and evenly by your listeners. The stand also allows you to adjust the angle and direction of the speaker, so that you can optimize the sound quality and intelligibility for your specific setting.

The Mipro MS-70 speaker stand is easy to set up and use. It has a locking knob and a safety pin that secure the speaker to the stand. It also has a rubber foot cap that prevents the stand from slipping or scratching the floor. The stand is made of durable and corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The stand can be folded and stored in the SC-708 carry bag when not in use.

Mipro SC-708 Carry Bag

The Mipro SC-708 carry bag is a custom-made protective cover for the Mipro MA708 portable speaker. It is made of high-quality nylon fabric that is water-resistant and dust-proof. It has a padded interior that cushions the speaker from shocks and bumps. It also has a zipper that allows you to access the rear panel of the speaker without removing the cover.

The Mipro SC-708 carry bag has several features that make it convenient and practical. It has two side pockets that can store the power cord, the wireless microphone, and other accessories. It has a retractable handle and built-in wheels that make it easy to transport the speaker and the stand. It also has a clear window that shows the battery status and the charging status of the speaker.

The Mipro SC-708 carry bag can be used in different ways, depending on your needs and preferences. You can remove the cover completely and use it as a storage bag. You can also leave the cover on and use it as a protective cover. The cover has openings for the speaker grille, the handle, and the wheels, so that you can use the speaker with the cover on. The cover also has a flap that can be lifted to access the control panel of the speaker.

How to Order the Mipro MS-70 Speaker Stand and SC-708 Carry Bag

If you are interested in ordering the Mipro MS-70 speaker stand and the SC-708 carry bag, you can contact us by phone or email. We will provide you with the best price and service for these accessories.

Call us at 0407 44 2822 or email us (see above Enquir) to place your order or to get more information.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get the best accessories for your Mipro MA708 portable speaker. Order the Mipro MS-70 speaker stand and the SC-708 carry bag today and enjoy the benefits of improved sound quality and protection for your speaker.