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Carry Bag + Speaker Stand

Mipro MS-70 Speaker Stand and SC-75 padded Carry Bag with side pockets are great for storage for MA708 PA system
Code: SC-708 MS-70 Pack
Brand: Mipro
Recommended: Promotions, Presentaions, Meetings, Celebrants, Funerals, Houses of Worship, Clubs
Government: TAFE, Community Centres, Universities, Local Government, Schools
$ 253.00

Mipro MS-70 Speaker Stand  

It is important to elevate your portable speaker off the floor to a higher position for improved wireless microphone reception and to maximize coverage experience. Place the MA708 speaker ideally at your audience’s ear level or alternatively above head level.

Mipro SC-708 Carry Bag

The custom made protective carry and storage bag for the Mipro portable speaker gives the loudspeaker additional protection, keeping the speaker looking good for longer. The padded Carry Bag side pockets are ideal for storage. For outdoor functions the SC-708 Carry Bag can be left on whilst still allowing full access to the audio control panel at the back of the speaker.