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MA106A 60W Compact SMPS PA Mixer Amplifier

MA106A 60W Compact SMPS PA Mixer Amplifier with Euro Block Terminal for easy installation Main AMP and Additional Built-in 1W Amp for Monitor Output Without input Signal for 25 Min, Automatically Converted to Master System Standby Mode. Perth
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  • 1U Size Compact Design
  • 60W High Efficiency Digital Amp Circuit
  • SMPS Power Circuit
  • Volume control on INPUT 1~3 – enable to adjust each input channel level
  • Display the input signal of INPUT 1~3
  • Bass and Treble Controls
  • Additional Features - Phantom Mic Power, External MUTE, ETC
  • PRIORITY Function
  • MIX Configuration DIP switches
  • Without input signal for 25 Min, automatically converted to Master System standby Mode

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