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MA100SB-5 Portable PA with Hand Held Wireless Mic

MA-100SB-5 ultra compact and ultra light wireless 50 watt PA with Bluetooth with hand held Wireless mic
General: Promotions, Presentaions, Meetings
Brand: Mipro
Government: Local Government, Schools
$ 975.00

MA-100SB-5 ultra compact, ultra light wireless PA system with Bluetooth. The MA-100SB-5 is powerful and offers a vast array of features in an easy-to-use package. It can be easily carried via the padded shoulder strap, built-in handle, or mounted on a microphone stand. It is an excellent public address solution for small crowds.

MA-100SB-5: Single-Channel with Hand Held ACT32H wireless microphone

Ideal applications include:

    School classrooms
    Places of worship
    Presentations, seminars and meetings
    Day-care activities; playground duty
    Indoor/outdoor gatherings
    Tour guides & Paging
    Street performers
    Factory and company tours


  • ACT32H-5 hand held wireless
  • ACT32T-5 wireless belt-pack
  • MH55HNS head-microphon to suit belt-pack
  • SC10 Carry Bag


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