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FBT SHADOW 108CT 2-way outdoor speaker

FBT SHADOW 108CT 2-way outdoor speaker. 8 Ohm 100V, 8inch coax custom woofer, 1” HF driver, IP 55, stainless steel water proof grille full UV protect, 8 Ohm (450W recommended amp) or 100V line. grey finishes. Inc stainless-steel bracket.
Code: SHADOW 108CT
Brand: FBT
Recommended: Presentaions, Clubs
Industry: Mining
Government: TAFE, Community Centres, Universities, Schools
Product Downloads:

The Shadow 108CT would be ideal for both indoor and outdoor venues, it has a IP55 weather resistant rating. Both 8 Ohm 450 watt recommended amplifier at 8 Ohms. 225 W continuous and 100 Volt line inputs via multicore cable. 50/100Watt 100V tappings. 8" Coaxial driver with 1" HF. 90 Degree conical dispersion.

Stylish RAL 7011 slate grey colour. Stainless steel U bracket supplied.