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HS-15EExmNMFT Loudspeaker

DNH HS-15 EExmNMF(T) 15 watt, SPL 1W/1m 105db Maintenance free delivered with encapsulated cable
Brand: DNH
Government: Defence
Industry: Defence, Maritime, Mining, Oil & Gas
Product Downloads:

The DNH HS-15 EExmNMF(T) 15 watt, SPL 1W/1m 105db delivered with encapsulated cable (length to be advised by customer) loudspeaker is filled with certified glue, in the transformer and terminal chamber, the loudspeakers cannot be opened for inspection so you never need to have an engineer open and check the loudspeaker for corrosion and or moisture in terminal chamber.

The benefit:

In the NORSOK standard EX equipment need to be inspected every year, other standards every second year you don’t need to do this with the HS-15 EExmNMF(T) loudspeaker.





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