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Bosch 8" 15W dual-cone ceiling

Bosch 8" 15W dual-cone ceiling speaker with white metal grille. Perfect for paging and background music applications. 100V transformer with 15, 10, 5, 2.5 and 1.25W tappings. Includes transformer safety cover and capacitor for evac applications. 238mm cut-out.
Brand: Bosch
Recommended: Clubs
Government: TAFE, Universities, Schools
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The Bosch BCS-CS Series of ceiling loudspeakers are part of the EasyFit range from.

This ceiling speaker is a lightweight, quick and easy to install, quality music reproduction and excellent speech intelligibility.

The BCS ceiling speakers use a dual cone single piece loudspeaker with 100V matching transformer mounted directly onto the frame.

The BCS range are AS60849 EVAC compliant.


• 8 inch 15 watt 100 volt ceiling speaker 

• Wide bandwidth for music reproduction

• Wide dispersion for speech intelligibility

• Simple output-level selection

• Easily flush-mounted in ceilings or bulkheads

• Dependable rota-clamp fixing system

• Blends in with virtually all interiors