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Barix Exstreamer 100

Simple Paging... Make Public Address Announcements over your network
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Simple Paging is a powerful Barix solution to implement a complete paging system into your enterprise. The architecture, bridged using Simple Paging Firmware, supports a master-slave model with an extended interface to show and manage all connected devices, groups and zones. The installation can easily be done on the existing network and needs no proprietary server. Barix offers its Annuncicom PS1 and PS16 as ideal master stations for Simple Paging. An absolute key-feature of the Barix Simple Paging solution is the Simple Paging App to make public announcements from smartphones. The app is available from App Store or Google Play, and an additional password can be configured to protect the WiFi connection between the mobile phone and the router. Barix Simple Paging supports two announcement levels (normal paging and emergency notification) plus background music. To indicate voice announcements, an optional 'pre-gong' chime is available.


  • To reach staff wherever they are in the building: doctors, teachers, warehouse employees - whomever you need
  • To reach people from wherever you are on campus in response to live events: principals, security guards, janitors, or other personnel
  • To selectively announce information to specific zones


  • Make announcements from paging station or smartphones
  • Superior audio quality
  • Multi-zone system with busy/offline indication per zone
  • Make announcements selectively into one, some or all zones.
  • Low power and no maintenance cost, no PC or server needed
  • Easily add zones and paging stations as you expand the system
  • Mobile paging restricted to authorized users
  • Multiple Paging Station
  • Paging Station indicate when Zones are busy with announcements
  • Supports simultaneous paging to independent targets
  • Dynamic status indication to make maintenance easy
  • Modular and easily expandable
  • Supports zoned Background Music playback via multicast for low network traffic
  • Supports multiple mobile paging configurations: one set of Groups for the Principal, another for Security!
  • A variety of hardware end points to suit each area in a facility
  • Independent volume setting for each Paging Zone