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CPR12 is an easy to use, flexible and multifunctional 10 channel pre-amplifier mixer with two zone outputs
Code: CPR12
Brand: AUDAC
Government: Schools, Local Government, Universities, Community Centres, TAFE
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» 10 channel 2 Zone Mixer

AUDAC CPR12 is an easy to use, flexible and multifunctional 10 channel pre-amplifier audio mixer with two zone outputs.

This mixer contains a total of 10 inputs whereof the first six inputs are balanced mono inputs selectable between microphone or line level and are equipped with a 3 band tone control. All six inputs are equipped with phantom power for powering condenser microphones, while inputs 1 and 2 also contain priority functions. The other four inputs are unlabalced stereo line inputs without tone control.

Every input contains a gain adjustment potentiometer with clip indicator LED and volume control fader. The routing for both zone outputs can be made using the output selection buttons.

Both output channels are equipped with an 8 digit VU meter which visualizes the presence and level of the signal, a volume control fader and 2 band tone control.

A built in PFL monitor loudspeaker allows the pre listening of every in- and/or output without the use of an additional headphone, providing a great user convenience when used in fixed installations racks. The provided potentiometer allows volume adjustment. Some other features present are a separate priority input which mutes all other inputs when a signal is detected, a recording output, a sub-out output and insert input for every output channel.

The CAR12 mixer has a 24 Volts alternative power connection performed using a 2 pin terminal block is provided for powering the amplifier on emergency power once the mains power is shut down.


  • Two zone system
  • 6 Mic / Line inputs
  • 4 Line inputs
  • 2 Priority Channels (selectable)
  • 3 band EQ & Phantom on Mic / Line inputs
  • Fader volume control
  • Built in PFL loudspeaker
  • 24 V Emergency power operation
  • 19” Mounting device (2 HE)