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ZX1i-90 8-Inch Two-Way Full-Range Loudspeaker

ZX1i-90 Black or White Indoor outdoor ZX1i 8-inch two-way full-range 1.25-inch HF loudspeaker. Ideal for installation with 4-pin Phoenix connection. Rotatable Horn, System power handling 200/800 watts, Weight 8.4 kg, H 451 x W 282 x D 263 mm
Code: ZX1i-90
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This commercial audio solution is the new standard of no-compromise audio performance with great versatility in an easy-to-install, compact package. Finally we have a highperformance loudspeaker system designed for the professional contractor and it\\\'s easy-to-install. If you need to install a compact sound reinforcement system, a complex background music system in a Church, School, sports bar, or other high-energy venue, or if you require a flexible speaker to provide fill sound in a large auditorium, the ZX1i can solve the problem. The central theme of its design is Compact Flexibility. Every aspect of the ZX1i was designed with the goal of providing a wide range of solutions in one speaker platform.

The ZX1i makes speaker installs incredibly easy with the included QuickSAM mounting system. The QuickSAM is a unique, integrated mounting bracket which is virtually foolproof. It allows the installer to simply snap the speaker onto the bracket and tighten it to the desired position. For array mounting there is an optional array bracket kit available that allows multiple units to be mounted together for a variety of configurations. Available in White or Black.

ZX1-90 Incorporates the 90x50 coverage-pattern rotatable waveguide.

ZX1i-100 Incorporates the 100x100 coverage-pattern waveguide.

ZX1i-100t Same as the ZX1i-100 plus a 100 W, 70 V/100 V, saturation-protected transformer featuring wattage taps at 6.5 W, 12.5 W, 25 W, 50 W and 100 W.