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Bosch Plena Weekly Timer

The Bosch Plena Weekly Timer is an accurate timer for use in PA systems. Ideally suited for schools, shopping and other venues.
Code: PLN-6TMW
Brand: Bosch
Government: Schools, Defence, Local Government, Universities, Community Centres, TAFE

The Bosch Plena Weekly Timer is an accurate timer for use in PA systems. Ideally suited for schools, shopping and other venues that need regularly timed messages, signals or other controls. It is ideally suited for connection to the Plena Message Manager and PA amplifiers.

  • Two weekly programs
  • 14 Chimes
  • Six contact outputs
  • Automatic daylight/standard time
  • BGM level control
  • Hold and pause function
  • Programming on the unit and via the supplied PC program
  • Ideal partner complement to the Plena Message Manager and Voice Alarm Controller for timed messages

This Bosch unit has two weekly schedules as well as a pause mode, where all actions except the clock display are suspended. Events can be programmed with an accuracy of one minute. There is no limit to the number of events, every minute may have an event associated with it. Each day can have a separate event set, and two schedules can be programmed. The schedule can be selected via the front panel. Each event can trigger:

  • A chime
  • Any combination of output contacts
  • BGM volume change

The Bosch timer can broadcast 14 different chimes via the audio throughput. It has six programmable output contacts with relays to connect to other equipment. Programmed contact events can open or close the contact or generate a pulse of a configurable duration. The contacts can also be controlled via buttons on the front panel.

The unit has an audio input and output to attenuate BGM signals. The volume can be controlled directly from the front panel, or programmed to change level at fixed times, for example, to automatically attenuate music in the morning or evening hours. It can automatically revert to the programmed level at the next event.

The timer has a clock sync input to synchronize the time with an external source but can also take the correct time from a PC. This way it can synchronize with a time server. The timer clock also keeps track of the date, ensuring correct weekday display and automatic daylight/standard time setting. (According to European, North American, user defined dates or off). The timer has a 24 V backup power input with reverse-polarity protection as well as a back up battery that preserves the correct clock setting. Synchronization and programming is done via the USB port. Programming can also be performed via the front panel. An RS-232 connector is available to connect to a large separate display.