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FM360 Earthworks 13" (330mm) Cardioid Podium Microphone

13" (330mm) Cardioid Podium Microphone with flexible gooseneck. Incorporates Earthworks patented technologies for a very high level of speech intelligibility and uniform off-axis response to ensure consistent sound whether speaking in front, or to the side of the mic. 139dB max input, incredible rear rejection, no handling noise. 20Hz-20kHz. Black.
Code: FM360
Brand: Earthworks Audio
Recommended: Presentaions, Funerals, Houses of Worship
Government: TAFE, Community Centres, Universities, Local Government, Defence, Schools
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» Earthworks Podium Microphone

Whether it is a seasoned professional or a public speaking novice stepping up to the microphone, the FlexMicâ„¢ has you covered.

Optimized for speech, the FlexMicâ„¢ microphones feature a frequency response out to 20kHz and excellent phase response that delivers the highest level of speech intelligibility and articulation.

With 32dB or rear rejection, the FlexMicâ„¢ delivers more gain before feedback and exceptional isolation from unwanted sound sources.

The FlexMicâ„¢ microphones are available in 13, 19, 23 and 27 inch lengths. Fully flexible and rigid center goosenecks are available. Available in cardioid or hypercardioid.

A metal mesh windscreen coupled with layers of foam prevent the loud pop inducing bursts of stop consonants from reaching the microphone. For outdoor events, an additional foam windscreen accessory (FMW2) is available to help eliminate noise from high mph winds. Optional PMM1 permanent mount accessory available separately.