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Bosch Dicentis Control Unit & Wireless Access Point

The DCNM-WAP Wireless Access Point is the central device of the DICENTIS Wireless Conference System.
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It links the Wireless Devices (DCNM-WD and DCNMWDE) by means of a secure wireless WPA2 communication. Only a DCNM-WAP with built in web interface is needed to setup, configure and control the DICENTIS Wireless Conference System.

The Wireless Access Point attractive design enables it to be placed unobtrusively on a wall, ceiling, or tripod floor stand by using the included universal mounting bracket.


  • Stand alone usage, no central control unit needed
  • Based on standard WiFi according IEEE 802.11n
  • WPA2 encryption for secure communication
  • Seamless frequency switching in the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz band
  • Powering via power supply adapter, Power over Ethernet or DCN multimedia System Network Cable

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