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AV Revolution

The AV Revolution is packed with audio processing power for applications ranging from lecture theatres and boardrooms through to function room systems with room-combining.

With accessories such as a CobraNet card (available early 2010) and remote wall panels, the AV Revolution offers a combination of stereo and mono outputs as well as stereo and mono mic line inputs. Whether used for straight signal processing or source routing applications, the AV Revolution can do it all.
Product Downloads:
» Rev Spec_Sheet



This link will give you a look at the working software program that AM has incorporated into the package.

- AV Revolution 1.7.6 Installer (2.2Mb exe)


3 stereo output zones

2 mono output zones

6 stereo line sources available to all five output zones

4 mic/line switchable inputs available to all five output zones

Support for a range of remote control panels (RS485)

Ethernet control of audio parameters for third-party control system interfacing

 'śMaster override' input (mic/line input 4) with logic triggering to override zone mixes

Ability for stereo zone outputs to be mono summed, allowing up to two uniquely processed outputs per zone

Various EQ, dynamics and delay processing on inputs and outputs

Simple setup using configuration software

Integrated user GUI

Front panel input/output signal present indication


Australian Monitor has also designed a range of practical wall panels for the AV Revolution, giving you a complete commercial solution for installations. 'AM focused on making the products intuitive, easy to set up.

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