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DYNACORD CMS 1000-3 mixer

This compact Dynacord CMS 1000-3 mixer featuring a total of 10 channels (6 mono and 4 stereo), digital 24/48 bit effect processors in studio quality, as well as a professional, 4+4 USB audio interface for Mac and PC.
General: Clubs, Houses of Worship
Brand: Dynacord
Government: TAFE, Community Centres, Universities, Schools
Industry: Mining

It Dynacord CMS 1000-2 features low-noise, high-quality preamps, phantom power as well as an effective 3-band EQ with semi-parametric mids. Two of the four stereo channels feature additional, parallel RCA inputs for external signal sources, the other two additionally receive the 4 channels of the integrated USB audio interface.

The master section of the Dynacord CMS 1000-3 features an 11-band EQ as well as 6 audio busses and is controlled intuitively with the help of the high-contrast OLED display.

Thanks to optional llid and its low weight, the Dynacord CMS 1000-3 is easily transportable.


  • Mixer with 6 mono and 4 stereo inputs
  • High-quality, low-noise microphone preamps with switchable phantom power
  • Mono channels with 3-band EQ with semi-parametric mids
  • 2 stereo channels with parallelen RCA inputs
  • 2 stereo channels receive 4 channels of the USB audio interface
  • Stereo channels with separate stereo and mic inputs
  • 6 aux busses
  • 11-band graphic stereo EQ
  • 2 x 12 LED level indicator
  • 4 in/4 out USB audio interface
  • MIDI input and output
  • Effects: reverb, delay, chorus etc., 100 presets + 20 user presets
  • Light, high-contrast OLED display



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