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CAREEX-6Tx2 CABINETS loudspeaker

CAREEX-6T x 2 bi-directional loudspeaker made from aluminum. Used for cabins and hallways in hazardous areas. Two individual loudspeakers in each cabinet with two transformers and two terminals in one EEx housing. A and B system.
Code: CAREEX-6Tx2
Brand: DNH
Industry: Defence, Maritime, Mining, Oil & Gas
Government: Defence
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The CAREEX-6T x 2 CABINETS loudspeaker is a product designed by DNH, a Norwegian company that specializes in industrial and hazardous area sound systems. It is a bi-directional loudspeaker made from aluminum, which means it can project sound in two opposite directions. It is used for cabins, hallways, and other areas where sound needs to be distributed evenly and clearly.

The CAREEX-6T x 2 CABINETS loudspeaker has two separate loudspeakers in one Ex housing, which is certified for use in explosive atmospheres. Each loudspeaker has its own transformer and terminal, which allows for independent connection and operation. This feature makes the product suitable for A and B system applications, where two separate sound sources are required for redundancy and safety.

The DNH CAREEX-6T x 2 CABINETS loudspeaker has a power rating of 3 watts per speaker with SPL 81db 1W/1m, and a frequency range of 190-2000 Hz. It has an IP rating of 67. It has a weight of 3.8 kg, and dimensions of 178 x 171 x 145 mm.

It can be mounted on the wall or ceiling using the extruded aluminum foot brackets.