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Bosch Feedback Suppressor Bosch Feedback Suppressor
Item Code: LBB 1986/00

The Plena feedback suppressor uses a powerful DSP with a patented algorithm to suppress...

LBB1956/00 BOSCH 6 Zone  LBB1956/00 BOSCH 6 Zone
Item Code: LBB1956/00

LBB 1956/00 Plena 6 zone call station is a stylish, high-quality call station with a stable...

Bosch Paging 2-Zone Microphone Bosch Paging 2-Zone Microphone
Item Code: LPE-2CS

Plena Two-zone Call Station Microphone

LBB1950/10 Bosch Paging Microphone LBB1950/10 Bosch Paging Microphone
Item Code: LBB1950/10

LBB1950/10 Plena tabletop microphone is a stylish, high-quality tabletop unidirectional...

Bosch Plena Weekly Timer Bosch Plena Weekly Timer
Item Code: PLN-6TMW

The Bosch Plena Weekly Timer is an accurate timer for use in PA systems. Ideally suited for...

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