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LBC342800 BOSCH IEC Horn Speakers LBC342800 BOSCH IEC Horn Speakers
Item Code: LBC3428/00

LBC 3428/00 bosch Horn Loudspeaker is specifically designed for excellent sound reproduction...

LH1UC30E Bosch PA Music Horn Loudspeakers LH1UC30E Bosch PA Music Horn Loudspeakers
Item Code: LH1-UC30E

LH1-UC30E Music Horn Loudspeakerfrom Bosch features a Two way system, resulting in an extended...

LS1-OC100E Bosch Hemi-directional Loudspeaker LS1-OC100E Bosch Hemi-directional Loudspeaker
Item Code: LS1-OC100E

LS1-OC100E Bosch Hemi-directional Loudspeaker is an easy to install, innovative loudspeaker...

AQUA-30 DNH Loudspeaker AQUA-30 DNH Loudspeaker
Item Code: AQUA-30

DNH unique Aqua 30 is a completely sealed loudspeaker designed for underwater applications....

UW30 Underwater Loudspeaker UW30 Underwater Loudspeaker
Item Code: UW30

Built for installation in both fresh and salt water pools, the UW30 can even be safely...

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